Privacy Policy

At, you have the opportunity of submitting your name and email address to receive promotions, news, updates, tips, and thoughts from Dean Vigyikan via email.

You may unsubscribe from further email communications at any time by visiting and submitting your request. A link to this unsubscribe page is also included in Dean’s e-newsletters.

Dean will not sell, rent, or give away your email address, collected at this site, for the purpose of helping any third parties contact you without your permission or market to you without your permission.

If you’ve signed up for Dean’s email list with pen and paper (for example, at an art show) other people may see your name, place of residence, and email address on the list as well. Also, people authorized to work on Dean’s website and other accounts may come across your name, contact information, and Dean’s associated notes while working on those accounts.

If you make a purchase through your credit or debit card number may be required. Purchases on this site made using the “Add to Cart” buttons are processed securely through Paypal. If Dean becomes aware of your credit or debit card number, he will treat this as confidential information and will not disclose it to any third party.

When you send Dean information using the “Contact Us” form on this site, the contents of your message are not considered to be confidential information. Email addresses and credit card numbers will be treated with the same care mentioned above. However, if you plan on using the Contact Us form to send Dean other information which you deem to be confidential, you must let Dean know specifically which information you would like to be kept confidential.

If you have comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, or want to make changes to any information you’ve submitted through, please use the Contact Us form at

Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, in the event that Dean Vigyikan is required by law to disclose information collected on this site, including information discussed in this Privacy Policy, he will disclose such information to the appropriate authorities.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Please refer back to this page periodically to check for such updates.

Privacy policy effective as of 5/26/15

Last updated: 6/9/15